To Christina on her Birthday

2292_50421772276_356_nDaughter, there’s so much to say from one woman to another,

There are things that you will just not understand until you are a mother,

I reflect back to the day you were born,

I was your age at most,

Struggling for survival,

Living on the coast,

I was on my own as a parent,

Growing up took place so fast,

There wasn’t time to play,

Or focus on the past,

I had two beautiful girls to love,

Responsibility was in tow,

No living life like 22 years,

Because I had to grow,

I have no regrets of decisions made,

But I know you think I do,

The best thing that ever happened to me,

was being a mom to Katie and you,


I wish I could promise,

A smooth sailing life,

It doesn’t come from making tons of money,

Or being someone’s wife,

It won’t come from granting other’s wishes,

Or traveling the world,

It’s a roller coaster ride,

That sometimes will unfurl,

Live nightmares take place,

As well as sunny days,

Ups and downs will abound,

As wrinkles appear on your face,


Life constantly changes,

No matter what you do,

And no matter where you go,

People will love you,

Because when you’re a mom,

Looking back on a day,

You wonder where time went,

Why your kids don’t stay,

Why they can’t feel all the love,

That’s pouring out in your heart,

Why they don’t know how deeply you feel,

About their lives having a great start,


But some never know,

Thinking they are black sheep,

That love from your mom,

Has no boundary or favorite,

It’s unconditional love,

It’s so hard to explain,

When you see your child fall or hurt,

It causes such deep pain,

You want so much for them to have,

everything you didn’t,

You want them to conquer the world,

with everything within them,

My piece of advice to you today,

is that only you know you,

Others can try to lead the way,

But they don’t really know what you SHOULD do,

They aren’t in your head or in your mind,

You can expect them to understand,

That maybe the path that others take,

Isn’t in your life plan,

Maybe whatever they think is good,

Isn’t what’s good for you,

And the only way to make things right,

is to do what you need to do,

My only wish for you is that,

You love all that you do,

That you end up where you want to go

And enjoy being 22.


Love you forever,


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