The Perfect Last Minute Christmas Gift

I thought about it and thought about it…and thought about it some more.

I heard all the commercials as people ran to the store.

I had great ideas to put on my blog…

of quick gifts for Christmas when your brain’s in a fog,

Ideas abound all over the net,

Things you could do if you happen to forget


the commercials all cried.

Emails shot to my inbox with the message inside,

“It’s okay if you’re late.  Buy a gift card through email.  Or go to our store –

Don’t you see the huge sale?”

but things were just things,

no matter how hard I tried,

all the gift giving felt like nothing,

and the love seemed to have died,

Where was the spirit of Christmas?

Why is it all about things?

What happened to family and friends and when your heart sings?

What happened to being with loved ones and giving a hug?

When a simple cookie from grandma made you feel love?

What happened to being a neighbor and being a brother

or calling your mom to say that you love her?

wishing you could have a moment or two today,

to talk with a loved one who has since passed away.

All these THINGS that bombard us,

And we still seem so miffed,

as we wander around aimlessly

trying to find the perfect gift,

but we never will find it,

because what we truly missed,

was that a poem, a thought,

a hug hits the spot,

a drawing, a painting, a song

all cost nothing and can never be wrong,

your last minute gift might have well been due

to not knowing what was perfect,

because what was perfect was within you.

The gift of love and of the heart is very much sought,

it’s the most perfect gift,

and can never be bought.

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

From my family to yours,

Donna (AKA the Hudson Valley Handymom)



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