The Ledge Project – Hardwood Floors

The Ledge Project – Hardwood Floors

I have a ledge that extends near my stairs.  I have no idea why it’s there.

I’ve thought about it on a daily basis.  Does it bother me?  Yes…yes, it does.  This ledge is some sort of drop off point for everything.  It has no purpose.  I’ve come to the conclusion that it was created because someone designing our house made a mistake and overestimated where the wall needed to go.  Then, maybe the wall was moved back a bit.

In the decision of creating said ledge, I think someone looked at it and said, “Hey, this is really cool!  You can put stuff on it…like EVERYTHING.  Books, keys, change….”

Today, I knew that the carpet that was placed on that ledge was going into never never land.  Today was the day I tackled my nemesis:  the ledge of everything.

First, I used a mini crowbar tool to remove the molding.  I went around the upper edges of the molding with a sharp knife to separate the paint from the molding.  Otherwise, I might just pull the paint off with the molding.  Then, I gently pried it off with the crowbar.  I try to see where the nails are first and go directly to that point and pry gently.  Trying to remove it quickly can end up having consequences of ripped paint and broken molding that will have to be replaced.

Next, I pulled up the carpet.
After I removed the carpet, I pulled up thousands of staples that had been used to attach the carpet.  Okay, maybe not thousands, but it just felt like it was an ongoing venture.

I did a lot of research on flooring installation and found this wonderful product called Elastilon.  This product acts as a moisture barrier, can be used below or above grade in a home, and helps correct problems that may occur with expansion and contraction.  I had some scraps leftover from a floor installation, so I pieced them together for this project.  I liked that the Elastilon had a side that was sticky, so I didn’t need to use any glue with chemicals, and I really couldn’t use a nail gun with this because I used engineered hardwood flooring.

I put the pieces of Elastilon down:
I peeled back the plastic on the sticky side of the Elastilon, and placed a board down on it.  I left space between the walls and the wood for possible expansion.  Hardwood expands and contracts, so it is necessary to leave a small amount of space.  I used spacers.  You can see a piece of molding will cover the space.

wooddownI continued the row, and cut the board to fit.  On the next row, I staggered the boards six inches or more.  The final row, I had to cut the boards lengthwise and along the width to fit.

staggering boards

But, I was left with a hideous edge.  I didn’t cut super straight and…yuck..yuck..yucky:

uglyedgeThank goodness I had bought a corner edge and stained it two days before to match the wood.  I cut the corner edge to fit and had to cut carefully to allow for the molding to fit.  I used a nail gun to put it in, but construction glue would’ve been a great option.
niceedgeI reattached the molding, and now all that needs to be done is a paint touch up!

completeNow, my question to all of you:  What would you advise me to do with this space? It is passed by several times daily.  I think I need to put some art work on the wall above it.  What would you do?

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11 thoughts on “The Ledge Project – Hardwood Floors

  1. Donna, this is so great, you took a boring ledge and turned it into a beautiful display space. I would set up leather bound vintage books and hang beautiful black & white portraits of your girls in white ornate frames (above the books), or maybe even bookend the books with a vintagle clock and and a silver frame with your wedding pic. Or maybe slip an antique radio up there 🙂 You could also shadow box your girls baptism gowns, or baby booties, the possibilities are endless. Great Job!

    1. Donna

      I like your suggestions, Shannon! Something needs to go there, but it seems it became a drop off point. I think it would be nice to have something that would look great when people walk by that area. I would love to hear everyone’s suggestions, and I may pick one and feature it. I’ve never claimed to be much in the decorating department!

      1. Very nice Donna,,
        I was thinking of plants with lights in them, or a cool aquatic tank, there are many options. and maybe 2 pieces of your fav art statues!! or on Easter, lighted floral arrangements in baskets with in them, and your fav Easter decorations,
        Christmas. a lighted tree and some fake wrapped gifts and decorations, in fall, or thanks giving, a bunch of fall colored leaves randomly lying all over the place, and a big flat wicker box full of pine cones and sticks, eucalyptus. ect. with lights in them.. summer. flip flops, sunglasses, beach ball and towel. well you get where im going with this.. it would be a constant change of scenery!!

        1. Donna

          Dawn- So funny you mention some of these things! I actually saw an aquatic tank that looks like a television screen. Also, one of my friends suggested a waterfall that I could put on the wall. How cool would that be?

  2. Great job on your project Donna. Shannon has so great suggestions.

    1. Donna

      She does, Carol! Maybe I should decorate the space and have all of you vote it up or down. My guess is that, whatever I do, I’ll be voted down. Pink and purple mat

  3. Kim Campbell

    So Donna, you are a Jack of all trades! Right up my alley 🙂 Beautiful job! Definitely artwork or Chinese vases. I’ve got a project this spring with several layers to yank up before I get to the 1920 oak.

    1. Donna

      Kim – Take pictures and email the story to me! I certainly would feature your projects! Love it! Oh, and I love those types of vases too! 1920 oak? Is this original to the house? I do hope you share it because I love seeing that type of thing!

  4. I’m gonna LOVE your blog Donna!

    1. Donna

      I love that you love my blog! Love that you have YOUR blog link here too! Keep up the great work, Roberta!

  5. Laura

    Potted bamboo plants with alternating vertical wall lights. Keep it simple.

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