The IFBC, Bai 5 Antioxidant Infusions, and…what’s this? A GIVEAWAY!

The IFBC, Bai 5 Antioxidant Infusions, and…what’s this?  A GIVEAWAY!

While at the IFBC (International Food Blogger Conference), many food companies introduced their products.  It was a thankful time for me.  Since one of my daughters had to become gluten free, I felt like her food choices were limited – and usually to items that didn’t taste so good.

However, my opinion change after that conference.  I saw the trend for more natural ingredients.  More dietary needs are being met.  It was eye opening to see more companies listing their products as being gluten and GMO free.  One of the products that I had the pleasure of trying that fell into this category was Bai Antioxidant Infusions.
Bai 5 has FIVE calories – FIVE!  It tastes lightly sweetened, and is a low glycemic beverage (using only natural sweeteners).

The superfruit used in Bai 5 is coffee fruit.  What is coffee fruit?  It’s the berry that has a coffee bean on the interior.  We’re all familiar with the coffee bean, but the berry that holds the bean is what is used in Bai 5.  The Bai 5 antioxidant blend consists of this organic coffee fruit and white tea extract.  Does it taste like coffee?  Not one bit!  Does it have caffeine?  It contains 35 mg per serving of natural caffeine.  Add a splash of fruit juice (4%) to this mix, and you have a feel-good drink that’s more refreshing than soda.  Who says you can only drink them?   I sweetened up my Molokai Coconut a bit more (with a natural sweetener) to give it a full blown non-alcoholic pina colada taste, put it in a blender with some crushed ice, and had a little treat on a hot October day.   Add them to your smoothies, mixed drinks, or mocktails!

If you want to know more about Bai products, go to the website at – a store locator is on their website so you can easily find Bai near you.  If you can’t find it, never fear!  You can order it online!

Now, what you’ve been waiting for:  the contest!!!!!  How to win NINE bottles (EVERY flavor) of Bai 5!

You will receive one entry for each task completed.  You do not need to complete ALL tasks, but each item will give you one entry:

Follow on Facebook:


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Follow on Pinterest and REPIN my picture above:


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The picture to repin can be found at:

Additional entries will be given for showing some Bai love on Twitter and Facebook by sending a message.

In the comments section below, post the actions you took to enter (must do), and tell us why you want to try Bai for an additional entry.

The ending date for this will be at midnight, EST on Monday, October 7, 2013.  The winner will be chosen and announced on Wednesday, October 9th.  Good luck!

Participation means you agree and accept the following rules:

  • Must be age 18 and over and is limited to U.S. residents only with the exception of Alaska and Hawaii.  PO Boxes will not be accepted.
  • Starting date is 10/03/2013 and ending date is midnight EST,  10/07/2013
  • Entry procedures are stated above
  • Prize descriptions- 9 bottles of Bai 5 in their choice of flavors.
  • The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning.
  • Disputes will be handled via
  • A winner will be selected on Tuesday, 10/06/2013 and announced on Wednesday, 10/07/2013 by noon EST.
  • Bai products and is released from all liability from any complications arising from product delivery.
  • Bai reserves the right to obtain winners’ names, as well as the right to publicize their names and likenesses.
  • If potential prize winner forfeits or does not claim the prize, prize will be re-awarded, according to sponsor’s discretion.
  • Sponsor:  1-609-586-0500

Disclaimer: is not a nutritionist, dietician, attorney, nor does she play any of these people on television.  Opinions expressed in this blog are only opinions, and it’s up to the consumer to make decisions regarding his/her own health.  Bai is supplying the product to be given away.  I am not receiving compensation from Bai for this giveaway.

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55 thoughts on “The IFBC, Bai 5 Antioxidant Infusions, and…what’s this? A GIVEAWAY!

  1. These sound wonderful! I’m always on the lookout for low calorie all natural foods to add to my diet. Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. Roberta

    I never heard of this product before but you sure make it sound good!

  3. I’ve liked you on Facebook, liked Bai on Facebook, followed you on Twitter, followed you on Pinterest, and repinned the picture! lol that’s 5 right? The drinks sound great!

  4. Hi Donna! This looks like a great product! Thanks for introducing me to it! I liked you and Bai on Facebook, I Followed you both on Pinterest, and I repinned the picture. Marion

  5. I pinned your pin to my Weight Watcher’s board. This is a great beverage option for those following WW with only 5 calories!

  6. Great information Donna, thanks for sharing. I have followed all the steps.

  7. This sounds great Donna. I will share on my page also.

  8. These drinks sound wonderful! I’ve been looking for healthy ways to hydrate, and these sound perfect 🙂

  9. Liked Hudson Valley HandyMom on Facebook, for a long time 🙂

  10. Following both HVHM and Bai on Pinterest

  11. Repinned Bai onto my ” Hot & Healthy” board

  12. Posted this contest onto my Shanonigins Facebook page 🙂

  13. I’ve liked you & Bai on Facebook, followed you and Bai on Pinterest, and repined the picture to my healthy eating board! They sound delish and so excited to find something that I can add to my healthy drink list!

  14. Joan Rindflesh

    Great 5

  15. Joan Rindflesh

    Great Bai 5

  16. oumie

    I discovered this drink at a Morton Williams three years ago on my way to class. Since then, Bia5 has been a staple in my household. Its delicious and healthy, with a healthy dose of caffiene to get you through the day.

  17. Chris Sanders

    Liked Bai on Facebook. Looking for an alternative for soda.

  18. Ok, here is what I did.

    I followed both you and Bai on Twitter.
    I followed both you and Bai on Facebook.

    I don’t have pintrest, and I don’t want to get addicted to another social media outlet. 🙂


  19. K Roberts

    I follow Bai on twitter and facebook. I want to try Bai because it’s healthy.

  20. I follow both Bai and you on Facebook already.
    I also follow you on Twitter.
    I follow you on Pinterest already and repinned your pin.
    And…drum roll – I like Bai cause they won me over at IFBC as well!

  21. Kay-T

    I completed the following actions;
    Followed Bai and Hudson Valley Handymom on Facebook
    Followed Bai and Hudson Valley Handymom on Twitter
    Followed Bai and Hudson Valley Handymom on Pinterest and repined HVM’s above picture.
    I would like to try Bai for the following reasons;
    I am a vegan and this product complies with the vegan lifestyle!
    I’m a caffeine addict and it would be nice to have something that wasn’t soda or energy drinks. I am very addicted to these products and would like to go with a healthier route.
    I like all the flavors posted.
    I believe in a natural product lifestyle!
    I’m also on a calorie restricted diet, so this product would fit in with my calorie goals.

    Thank you!

  22. Christine Peckelis

    Hi Donna! I liked both you and Bai on FB. This company looks very promising! All natural, no GMOs and low calorie. And they appear to be socially responsible. Good find!

  23. The best drink ever! Helped me lose 15lbs in 3 weeks by satisfying my sugar cravings 🙂 AND it tastes soooo good! 🙂 #addictedtobai5

  24. Jessica @ OrganicallYou

    I like Bai on FB (organicall you)

  25. Jessica @ OrganicallYou

    I like Hudson Valley Handy Mom on FB (organicall you)

  26. Jessica @ OrganicallYou

    I follow Bai on Twitter @Organicall_You

  27. Jessica @ OrganicallYou

    I LOVE Bai and I love that it is only 5 calories. LOVE that it is nonGMO and actually tastes delicious! I hope I win! Thanks!

  28. Jessica @ OrganicallYou

    I follow you on Pinterest (organicallyou)

  29. Jessica @ OrganicallYou

    I follow Bai on Pinterest (organicallyou)

  30. Billy

    I followed Bai on Facebook and Twitter, seems like the right alternative to all those sugary sweet beverages out there, gotta give Bai a Try!

  31. I’ve done all of the above 🙂 Liked you, liked Bai, follwed you and followed Bai! I will definitely have a look and see if I can find it around here. Would love to try it!

  32. Elaine W

    I follow Bai on Facebook <3 My Bai!

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    Now following Hudson Valley Handymom on Facebook! Thank you!!

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    Of COURSE I follow Bai on Twitter!! Even retweeted! 🙂

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    I’m following you on Twitter, too! Tweet~Tweet!

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    Following my beloved Bai on Pinterest….you, too, HudsonValleyHandymom!!

    Repinned that beautious photo, too!!

  37. Davis P

    I follow Bai on twitter

  38. Davis P

    following you on twitter (at est4679)

  39. Davis P

    I would love to try this because it sounds good and they have a lot of flavors

  40. Tracy G.

    Great contest! I followed Bai and you on Facebook, followed Bai on Twitter and Pinterest, and repinned your pin! 🙂

  41. Tracy G.

    Oops, one more – I just followed you on Twitter as well! And I would like the Bai because I am trying to break my addiction to diet soda, and am looking for a healthier alternative!

  42. scott

    Followed on Facebook.

  43. Sandy N.

    I liked you and Bai on FB.
    Followed you and Bai on Twitter.
    Followed you and Bai on Pinterest as well as repinned your pic.
    I would like to try Bai because it looks healthy and have never tried it before and am always looking to try something new.
    Ive also sent Bai some love on Twitter and Facebook

    =10 entries! 🙂

  44. Anneliese

    I liked you and Bai on FB.
    Followed you and Bai on Twitter.
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    and repinned post.
    I love bai as an athlete it gives me energy and is healthy.
    shared links on peoples wall on facebook and retweeted bai posts

    1. Anneliese

      and sent message on facebook to Bai

  45. Donna B

    I would love to be your winner because I think the Bai drinks sound really good!

  46. Donna B

    So I have followed Bai and Hudson Valley Handymom on Facebook

  47. Donna B

    I repinned your pin!

  48. Donna B

    I’ve sent message on facebook to Bai

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    I have followed you and Bai on Twitter!

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