The Cooking Channel – Making Friendships Possible

The Cooking Channel – Making Friendships Possible

One of the great things about having so many foodie friends is that New York City becomes the mecca of all things foodie.  Disagree?  That’s okay…I like to think so regardless.

You can imagine how excited I was to find out that two people that I believe to be shining stars in a world full of madness informed me of an invite to the Big Apple.  Shannon Imlay, author of Shannon’s Shanonigins, and Debbie Fabre, author of Delicious Dishes by Debbie were making their mark in the big city.

Debbie Fabre had been a finalist in Season One of the Real Women of Philadelphia. What makes Debbie so special isn’t just her cooking.  Debbie is a down to earth person who is hard not to love.

Shannon Imlay is a brilliant blogger and human being who can bring you into a whirlwind of romance and love just through photos.  I’m convinced she never needs to write a word because I could just stare at her jaw dropping pictures.  Shannon won the opportunity to be on a show for the Cooking Channel with a well done Halloween recipe.

Shannon and Debbie made the trip to the big city for Shannon’s television appearance.  I met up with them, and we went to the Chelsea Market.

That’s Shannon on the left and Debbie on the right.

The Chelsea Market is AMAZING.  People are SO NICE in New York City.  When you don’t have enough people in your photo, they’ll help you out by smiling in the background.

Another reason the Chelsea Market is so amazing:  We discovered there are things we could buy for our lives that we never knew we could replace..and we could get extra if necessary.

Beautiful lattes were served.  I went back for a second one when no one was looking:

We enjoyed a wonderful evening full of girl talk.  My only regret is that we left the extra virginity behind.

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6 thoughts on “The Cooking Channel – Making Friendships Possible

  1. What a fun article. Shannon did so awesome on her recipe for the Food Network. Getting together with you in NYC was one of the big highlights. Thank you for your hospitality and coming into the city to spend the day with us. You are so much fun to spend time with. My life is enriched because of the new friends I have made from the journey that began with The Real Women of Philadelphia and Paula Deen. I am so glad that God put you and the other friends I’ve made in my life. I send blessings for your new blog. I know it is going to be super successful.

  2. Perri Pender

    What a darling idea! How do we follow your blog??

    1. admin

      I’m working on adding some things to make it super easy! I’ll let you know! I’m on it… 🙂

  3. Donna, What an absolute PLEASURE meeting you and spending time with you. You are a talent worth watching and I’m so looking forward to following your blog. You are sweet, beautiful, giving, and talented. I feel blessed to call you my friend, and my life is better because you’re in it.

  4. What fun you must have all had!! Love your photos Donna. Chelsea market looks amazing.


    1. Donna

      Nancy- Those two people are amazing. I love everything about them. I came home thinking to myself, “Why is it the people I like the most don’t live near me?” What a blessing both Shannon and Debbie are to my life.

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