Super Easy Goya Recipes

Super Easy Goya Recipes

Trying to work around a family with different dietary needs can be difficult.  Whenever I find a recipe that the kids enjoy, I know it’s a keeper…especially when one won’t eat meat.

When I came across Goya’s recipe for Black Bean Quesadillas, it looked like something my family might enjoy.  I decided to use a corn/flour tortilla combination for this recipe.  I couldn’t locate Pico de Gallo, so I substituted salsa by draining it.  I reserved the salsa liquid for anyone who wanted to dip the quesadilla into it.

I had to double this recipe to keep up with the demand.  It was so easy and so good.  My most picky eater was disappointed when they were gone.  This is a great recipe if you’re in a rush. I know, I know…it seems as though it should be an appetizer, but why not make it a meal? Add guacamole and sour cream if you like!

The recipe can be found here:

I decided to convert a couple more recipes to meet our family needs.  First, I made Goya’s Quick and Healthy Turkey Chili found here:…except I left the meat out.  I added extra beans to replace the meat.  It certainly was quick!  In the future, I may cut down on the cumin.  Overall, it went over well paired up with our family recipe for sweet cornbread!

Another easy and satisfying recipe I found from Goya was for Black Bean Soup.  The recipe can be found here:

I had Goya dried black beans and substituted them for the canned.  I love tomatoes in bean soup, so I added a can of diced tomatoes with chilies.  The end result was SO good.  It’s much quicker to make them from the can, but it’s just as easy to make if you throw some beans into a pot for an overnight soak (or use the one hour quick soak method).  The next day, I added some of the soup to yellow rice.  I mixed them together and made a wonderful side dish.  Add some sausage or meat to that side, and you’ll have another meal!
blackbeansoupYou can find more Goya recipes at here:

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