Steak – When Beef is What’s for Dinner

Steak – When Beef is What’s for Dinner

Ah, summer….where grills are fired up and the smell of burgers across the nation remind us of peaceful, warm days and time with our friends and family.  But, maybe you swore off beef because you thought it was so bad for you.  Perhaps, your life is about to change.  Why?  Beef has more benefits than you know:

Everything in moderation! How can you resist a dish like this?

The dog days of summer come along and remind us that our days of basking in the sun are numbered.  Although fall is rearing it’s head, there’s no better way to end the summer than to fire up the grill with a couple of T-bone steaks using this recipe from  Add some cucumber salad on the side of this dish, and you have an easy to make meal that looks like you slaved over it.  The beauty of this dish is the amount of ingredients is small.  No oil is added to the rub for the steaks and cucumber salad.  All you taste is freshness coming through the dish.

For my steaks, I let them sit until they were around room temperature (away from the dog’s reach, of course).  I used an infrared grill and put hickory chips into it, and let them smoke a bit while I prepared the seasoning and cucumber salad.  When the chips were smoking, I seared the steaks.  The result was so fabulous that steak restaurants could be put out of business.

Now that the summer can end with a dinner made for a king, can we end the summer on a happy note?  Must we wipe away tears from the end of the grilling season?  Who says we have to end it all because of a season?  I’m game for grilled steak year round!  Let’s not sadden the loss of our summer by temporarily stowing away the grill.  What rule says you can’t grill with your down coat on?

For more beef recipes (because #ItsWhatsForDinner) check out these links:


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