Shannon’s Shanonigin’s ShamROCKS It – St. Patrick’s Day Floral Design

Are you tired of lining your linens with Leprechauns for St. Patrick’s Day?  Have you had your fill of four leaf clovers and want a centerpiece for the celebration without seeming cheesy?  Desperate for a centerpiece and floral arrangement, I turned to the go to gal for all things beautiful, Shannon Imlay of Shannon’s Shanonigins.

Explaining to Shannon that my skills in floral design and centerpieces were seriously lacking…and how I’m so cheap…I mean, frugal…that I sometimes pondered even purchasing one, she took pity on me and ShamROCKED the request by blowing me away with her flair and creativity.  How is so much talent packed in this beautiful person?

I love how she makes this so easy to follow.  Think of all the great things you can do with her design concepts for different times of the years, and I believe this can make any Floral Failure into a success!  I couldn’t have expected anything less from someone so amazing.

Shannon sent me two of her projects.  Today, her Irish Beer Mug Floral Design:

Irish Beer Mug Floral Design- by Shannon Imlay

For this project you will need:

  • 1 clear beer mug
  • green water beads (I found these at Walmart) you will only need about 1/10 of the small bag
  • 1 bunch of white or green carnations ($4-$7 in the grocery store)
  • 1 yard of wide Ribbon or 2 yards of 1″ Ribbon
  • 1 green striped straw (optional)


You will need to soak the water beads for at least 4 hours ( I let mine soak overnight). They will start to expand right away but they will continue to expand for several hours. If you put your water beads in the beer mug after only an hour in water, they will be overflowing in 4 hours.  Note how tiny they are in the photo before you put them in water.
This is what they look like after soaking overnight.

Place the water beads in the beer mug.


irishbeer4Fill beer mug with water.



Cut carnations so that the stem is about three inches long and arrange in the beer mug so it looks like the foam on top of beer.
Wrap the ribbon around the top of the mug.  This will hide the stems of the carnations.

If you can’t find green water beads, use clear and put green food coloring in the water.  The white carnations will slowly turn green as they pull the food coloring up the stems.


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7 thoughts on “Shannon’s Shanonigin’s ShamROCKS It – St. Patrick’s Day Floral Design

  1. Hey…I could do that! I think this is simple enough the kids could craft it together. This would make a great centerpiece this year for our celebration! Have a Happy St. Pattys

    1. Donna

      Peggy- Isn’t it great how simplified it is, and yet it looks so stunning! Great job, Shannon!

  2. This is such a good idea. Everything Shannon does is above and beyond beautiful and clever.. What a wonderful idea. Awesome.

  3. That is just SO cute! I love the Irish Beer Mug Floral Design, and the Irish quote on the little guy! I have always secretly wanted to be 100% Irish, even though I do have some Irish in my blood. Shannon must have a little of the Irish blood too! Shannon is the goddess of floral design in our little nest of creative culinary friends! XO’s Shannon, and great article Donna! I can’t wait to see the next one!

  4. shannon is amazing…everything she touches turns to gold

  5. Shannon, I agree. You definitely rock! What a cute St. Patrick’s Day centerpiece. The instructions were so simple, too. I may try this! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Katherine

    Being 1/2 Irish I really appreciate this idea. We typically have green beer and green mashed potatoes. Thanks Shannon and Donna for sharing this innovative decoration.

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