Shannon’s Shanonigin’s ShamROCKS It – St. Patrick’s Day Floral Design Part 2

Shannon Imlay of Shannon’s Shanonigins is making me see green.  Shannon sent me her second floral design written in a festive St. Patrick’s Day font color.  It made me a little giddy, so I had to keep it to get us in the St. Patrick’s Day spirit!  As all of you saw yesterday, Shannon has an unbelievable ability to make something beautiful out of items we may not have thought about using…and she does this without spending a lot of money!  Her way of explaining floral design can make us all feel like we may have a hidden talent.  It’s as though the essence of her beautiful spirit comes through with the designs she creates.
So, it is with GREAT pleasure (and I do feel honored to present a SECOND wonderful design) that I present Shannon’s next design – a design which not only would be great for St. Patrick’s Day, but can be carried over to Easter and through the upcoming spring months.
Shannon’s ShamROCKIN’ Silk Floral Basket
By Shannon Imlay
Here’s a fun and pretty St. Patrick’s Day Flower arrangement for you to make.  The first rule of thumb when buying silk flowers is that you should think that the silk flowers look real.  If you think they look fake, so will everyone else. Certain flowers are better at looking real that others, I’ve picked two of them for this arrangement, hydrangea, and ranunculus. When I saw this basket at Tuesday Morning it just said “Spring” to me, it’s so green and looks like Irish Moss.  Keep your eyes open when your shopping for containers that make you say, “Wow, I really like that!” 🙂


For this arrangement you will need:

1). A basket,(a wooden box, tin, wicker basket). I found this one at Tuesday Morning for $14.00 and it was so perfect for St. Patrick’s Day and Easter.
2) One block of dry silk floral foam (you can get this at your local dollar store).
3) 5 silk green hydrangeas, 3 silk tulips, 3 silk ranunculus, use the leaves from the hydrangeas to fill in bare spots.
4). Wire cutters, to cut silk flowers to desired lengths.


Place the floral foam block in your basket, don’t worry if you need to trim it. Use a serrated knife if you need to trim the foam


Place the hydrangeas low in the basket, right on top of the foam. The hydrangeas are basically taking the place of a filler flower by covering up your foam and working as the base of your arrangement.


Here are the silk Tulips, you could also use roses or other feature flowers, I just loved the idea of a Spring flower


Place the tulips in the center back of the arrangement, this will give your arrangement some height. Be careful not to place these too high,or line them up (place them at slightly different heights). You want them to look like they are part of the arrangement not floating above it.


Finish off your arrangement by placing the ranunculus in the front of the arrangement.  This will give your eyes something to focus on throughout the arrangement.  Top, Middle, and front.  Don’t be afraid to play with the flowers if you don’t like where they are, this is the best thing about silk flowers, they’re tough and they can take it 🙂
greensilkbasket8Here is a close up of the finished arrangement.
greensilkbasket7Here is the arrangement on my fireplace mantle. I will probably put some pink and yellow flowers in this arrangement when St. Patrick’s Day is done and I want it to look more like Easter 🙂
Happy arranging from Shannon’s Shanonigins!

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7 thoughts on “Shannon’s Shanonigin’s ShamROCKS It – St. Patrick’s Day Floral Design Part 2

  1. That is so pretty! thank you for showing the far less talented exactly how to do it! I might just venture to make one!

  2. Great article, Donna. Shannon, as usual, you are an inspiration to us all.
    I love the step-by-step instructions to making this wonderful St. Paddy’s Day floral arrangement, and Donna, I love the idea about adding pink and yellow flowers for Easter!

  3. Donna

    Shannon – What are the two plants on each end of the mantle?

  4. Shannon…That is lovely, once completed it is just beautiful! Yes Donna…What are those plants she is growing in her home? lol If I didn’t know better………

    1. Donna

      Too funny, Peggy! I was thinking they were some sort of bonsai trees? I just don’t know.

  5. Donna (Grandmereb Lovestobake here)

    Wow, that turned out simply beautiful Donna! You made it look so easy too with the help of Shannon! Great job!

    1. Donna

      Hi, Donna,
      This was ALL Shannon’s work! She took all the pictures and created the floral designs. I think I could make them NOW that she explained it so thoroughly!

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