Reflections of 2012

Reflections of 2012

No matter how old I get, it seems I’m constantly reminded of what I never seem to learn.  Despite my age and experience in life, I still tend to trust too much, to believe people will do the right thing by others, and believe friends support friends and family supports family.

If you’ve never read Ann Frank’s Diary, it’s an amazing read considering her age.  From a young girl, such deep thoughts are conjured up regarding human beings.  When I think of what she personally had gone through in the aftermath of what she wrote, I wonder if she would still believe, “Despite everything, I believe people are really good at heart.”

Yet, I didn’t live through the terror of the Ann Frank’s life and have come to learn that I WANT to believe that people are really good at heart, but I know that some aren’t really good at heart at all.  Perhaps it’s because they’re missing a heart.  A missing heart could explain EVERYTHING.

My experience has taught me that people can be jealous and mean, greedy and malicious, and have no remorse with their bad actions because they justify it to themselves or don’t have a conscience.  They don’t say they’re sorry when they do wrong to another.  They don’t ask for forgiveness.

I discovered people don’t have empathy or the ability to put themselves in another’s shoes.  I discovered that people are still shallow no matter how old they are and judge others based on appearance.  I discovered people think it’s okay to stick their hands into the pockets of others and attempt to fill their own.  They justify anything and everything.  They feel nothing.

I find it amazing that this era seems to have a fascination with zombies and vampires when the death of humanity is so real in every day life.

Despite everything, I believe MANY people are good at heart, but not all of them.  Most of us tend to give those in our life who hurt us chances to prove themselves over and over again.  Does it make us a better person or a weaker one to continue to allow this type of person into our lives?  This question could be answered in more than one way.  A loving and caring person may feel that one must forgive and forgive again.  However, I don’t believe that we need to open ourselves up to hurt and pain from people who have caused it to us continually.  Why not forgive and walk away?  You can’t change people, but you can change who affects you and who is a part of your world.


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