Rainbow Prom Dress

Rainbow Prom Dress

When my daughter, Christina, was a junior in high school, she told me she wanted a rainbow prom dress.  She loves colors, is an artist, and wanted to wear a dress full of colors.  The problem was that, at that time, there were no “rainbow” prom dresses in any store.

However, I know how to sew and have been sewing for quite a few years.  The problem was finding fabric that might represent a rainbow.

After careful searching, I found fabric at Vogue Fabrics.  The fabric was a taffeta that had rainbow colors in it and was MACHINE WASHABLE.  Machine washable taffeta?  For those of us who went to our proms years ago in taffeta, we recall the fear of spillage and ruining a dress.  But, now, there’s machine washable taffeta.

I ordered all the fabric I needed to make the dress from Vogue Fabrics and picked out a pattern according to what Christina was verbally telling me she wanted.  We decided on pattern number 2400 by Simplicity.  This pattern ended up becoming a favorite of mine because it was relatively easy to put together.

If you are new to sewing, don’t start off with a prom dress.  Try something simple like an elastic waistband pair of shorts or a simple skirt with an elastic waistband.

Fitting prom dresses can be tricky, so one of the first things I did was purchase inexpensive muslin fabric to make a “mock” dress top.  Sometimes, patterns are off in measurements.  After I measured Christina, I cut her size out (just down to the waist), and sewed together the muslin pieces to see how well it would fit.  If it was too big, I would aim for a smaller size.  If it was too small, I’d go for a larger size.  We went through two different mock top sizes before I had the right fit.

The final creation was a unique dress unlike any we had ever seen.

Amazingly, within a couple of years we saw a few dresses hit the stores with the rainbow-like look, but nothing like the dress we came up with together.  This year, I’m putting the dress on ebay to sell it and will be saying goodbye to the dress that was a combination of efforts between my daughter and me.  I hate to see it go, but know that it will have another happy owner and make room for new memories.

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8 thoughts on “Rainbow Prom Dress

  1. That is absolutely GORGEOUS! As a fellow artist, I’m in love with the rainbow gradient colors! I don’t know if I could let it go… maybe you have some scraps of the fabric? Make a shadow box with the photo you used here and a photo of it on Christina and with her date or any other memorabilia from that night. I would also use the fabric to use in a quilt for her, along with scraps of other things of hers, of her growing-up days at home!

  2. Donna

    We do have leftover fabric, and, if I recall correctly, I think Christina did make something out of it. 🙂 Those are great ideas for anyone who sews, Sandi!

  3. Emma

    omg i love ur dress! im going to my sr prom and i always wanted a rainbow coloured dress since i heard of high school that is so amazing that u made it for ur daughter!

  4. Nikki

    Hi! I absolutely love rainbows and I love this dress! I’ve searched on Vogue Fabrics’ website and I can’t find this fabric though. Any suggestions? I’d love to make this for my senoir prom next year. Thank you!

    1. Donna

      Hi, Nikki,
      They originally had it located with taffeta. Maybe you could email someone, point out the picture on my site, and ask whether or not they’re still carrying the fabric. Let me know whether or not you find it!

  5. Madison

    I have a friend who has been looking everywhere for a prom dress like this. I google searched it for fun and found this and sent a picture to her, and now she swears she needs one. Any chance you can make another? She’d pay you a really good amount for one.

    1. Donna

      Hi, Madison,
      Ahhhh…I actually sold this one on ebay right after I posted it. Maybe the person who bought it might put it back up on ebay. I’m not really in a position to make another one right now. If you know someone who has a bit of sewing experience, I might be able to give that person some direction to make it. Thanks for the compliments!

  6. Peaches

    Hey how you doing? I love this dress and I’m trying to get a dress for prom so can you please see about get another dress made for me!!!

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