Pressure Cooking Fresh Eggs and Dying Brown Eggs

After raising hens with large brown eggs, I thought I must be crazy to feel I had to buy white eggs to dye for Easter.  After all, could brown eggs REALLY hold color like a white egg?  The answer to the question is YES!  Not only can the brown eggs hold the color, but the color is deeper and richer BECAUSE of the eggs being brown.

However, with fresh eggs becomes a challenge with hardboiling.  WHY? I discovered very quickly that attempting to boil fresh eggs led to a peeling disaster.  This thought process led me to realize something was amiss that eggs from the store were so easy to peel.  I soon discovered the less fresh an egg is, the easier it is to peel after hardboiling.

After experimenting with eggs,  I discovered a method that worked well for me was a pressure cooker.  I purchased an Instant Pot pressure cooker during a kitchen renovation to assist with cooking.  To hard boil eggs, here’s what you do:

Pressure Cook Hardboiled Eggs

  1. Pour one cup of water into the bottom of the pot.
  2. Add eggs (I used 6 at a time). I placed my eggs on a steamer rack inside of the pressure cooker.
  3. Attach lid.
  4. Set at high pressure for six minutes.
  5. Leave in the pot for six minutes when the time is done.
  6. Transfer eggs to ice water immediately after all the time above is complete. Use a large spoon or tongs to do this so you don’t burn yourself.
  7. After eggs are cool, remove them from the water, and lay them out to dry.

People seem to think you need fancy boxed supplies to dye eggs.  If you’re on a budget, you can easily use food coloring and have enough for other projects (cake decorating, etc.).

You can use this method for both brown eggs and white eggs.  The difference is that the colors will be darker with brown eggs.  My kids called the darkest dyed brown egg a “cosmic” color.

What you need for easy egg dying and decorating:

Hot boiling water (1 cup for each color)

Food coloring

White vinegar

Coffee mugs

Spoons to lift eggs out of each mug

Paper towels to dry off eggs

Newspapers or a method to protect your work surface

Crayons (optional)

Gloves (like painting or kitchen gloves) to protect your hands from dye (optional)

  1. Lay newspapers down to protect your surface in case of any spillage.
  2. Put one teaspoon of vinegar into each cup.
  3. Add a few drops of food coloring for desired color (you can follow the instructions on the back of the package for desired effect) into each mug.
  4. Measure out a scant (not all the way to the top) one cup of boiling water, and pour it into a mug.  Follow this procedure for each mug.
  5. If desired, draw designs onto eggs with wax crayons.
  6. Dip eggs into colored water.  The longer you leave them in, the deeper the color will become.  Check to see if your eggs are at the color you like prior to removal.
  7. Remove eggs gently by using a spoon.
  8. Dry the eggs off with paper towels.  Use gloves if you don’t want to have the dye on your hands.

2016-03-27 10.29.48

Creativity is fun to have, and I found my own children were most creative with a set of crayons in their hands and eggs to decorate.  With hens laying eggs like crazy at my house, I was able to give each of them a dozen eggs to decorate.  It may seem like a lot, but after the fun is over, there are deviled eggs to be made!

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  1. Grace

    Donna- you can also steam eggs for 20 minutes and then put them in Ice water to cool, perfect yellow yolks and peel easy too. I always like to use brown eggs to color for Easter- they give the most beautiful jewel tones of color.

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