How to Make a Window Screen

How to Make a Window Screen

When an adventurous kitty decided to use the screen as a launching device, I was sure I could just easily replace the screen itself. The problem was that the frame fell apart and was in sore need of replacement.  Furthermore, there was never a screen that fit the window completely.  The window had a half screen.

I decided since the window was a custom window, and I wouldn’t easily find a screen to fit that I would just make a screen.  This can be done for any window.

What You Need For This Project

The tools required for this project:

A small hacksaw with a blade to cut through the aluminum.

Aluminum screen bars in your choice of color.

Screening (needs to meet the length and width of your screen frame) in your choice of color (avoid the aluminum screening unless you want to get frustrated easily from it breaking on you)

4 External solid corners

2 Slide in corner leaf springs

2 Lift/Pull tabs

Spline that fits into the framing (spline is the round rubber that looks like some sort of rope)

A spline roller tool.


A utility knife.

A measuring tape.

toolsThe small package in this picture had both the pull tabs and leaf springs in it.

Measure to find the size you need for the screen size.  Make sure you’ll be able to fit the size into the slots outside of your window.

Mark your screen bar lengths for each of your sides.  You can use a pencil to mark them.  Using the hacksaw, carefully cut the bars to the lengths you need.  It’s very simple to do and you can just set it up on a miter box to make the cuts.  It’s a lot like sawing open an empty soda can.

joining edgesYou’ll be joining the external solid corners edge to edge, but while you’re doing that, you’re going to insert two leaf springs into two of the corners.  They just slip right on and will help hold your screen into the window.

silverexpansionOnce your corners are all joined, lay your pull tabs in the bottom screen bar.

pulltabs Lay the screening over the top, and cut it to the edges of the frame.  You’ll need that extra bit of screening for the spline.  Cut the corners at a 45 degree angle, and tape them down.
tapededgesUsing the rounded end of the spline tool, roll the screening into the groove of the frame.
rollscreenLay spline into the groove.  Use the other end of the spine tool to roll the spline in.

Once all the spline is in, trim the remaining screen off with the utility knife.  Be careful not to slice up your screen.

Your screen is now complete and ready to install!



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4 thoughts on “How to Make a Window Screen

  1. Donna (Grandmereb Lovestobake here)

    Geesh, I wish I could have your head to be able to make repairs and build a screen from scratch like you can! BRAVO!!! 🙂

    1. Donna

      It could be that I’m too impatient to wait on ordering an odd screen size. 😉 Really, these are so easy to make that it’s well worth it.

  2. Paula Todora

    Leave it to you to know how to do this! Brilliant! Love the step-by-step photos too

    1. Donna

      Wow! What a great picture for your gravatar! The screen is easy. 😉

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