How to Fix a Door that’s Sticking

How to Fix a Door that’s Sticking

Have you ever had a door that you tried to open and close and it seemed to get stuck on an edge or rubbed at the bottom or top and took paint off or left marks on your floor?

The solution to fixing this is quite easy, and you’d be surprised at what a small investment can do to ease your door pain.  The answer is to buy a small, handheld planer the width of your door.

Here is a typical handheld planer:


The planer has a blade in it that can be adjusted by a knob on the top.  Here’s what the underneath looks like:

In order to fix your door, take a good look at how it’s opening and shutting.  Examine carefully where it’s getting stuck and mark the area with a pencil.

Next, you need to take the door down.  The best method of doing this is to remove the pins in the hinges by pulling the pins out.

Turn the door so the side is facing you, and hold the planer by the handle to plane off the “sticky” area.  Plane it down just a bit.  Going crazy with the planer may leave your door looking a bit odd.  Depending on your door, you may need to sand it after planing and then use some touch up paint.

I’m holding a planer onto the side of the door in this picture, but the picture is only to serve the purpose of a visual of how the planer fits on the edge so you can plane it down.  You have to push the planer to get it to shave off the wood on your door.

planeBefore you completely sand and paint, you may want to put the door back up to test whether or not you planed it down enough to allow it to open and shut smoothly.

After you’ve completed the job, that annoying sticky door will finally be gone!



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