Furnishing a Bedroom Inexpensively

Furnishing a Bedroom Inexpensively

This is a great time of year to consider following Chris G.’s advice regarding home decorating on a budget! 

bedroom2Weekend Projects with Chris G. – How to Furnish a Bedroom on a Budget

Furnishing a bedroom can get expensive, especially if you have expensive tastes. One way to satisfy your sensibilities without breaking the bank is to shop online classified ads. We have been very successful purchasing very nice used items for a fraction of their original cost this way. Here’s the kicker… you have to use cash! I know, I know, cash is a four letter word. But, so is debt and if you are really interested in saving money there is a big difference here. For me, “no interest financing” means that I have “no interest” in financing it. I’ll just buy something like it from someone selling it for half of what it cost new. You might say that you have no way to transport the furniture. I’m telling you, we have bought things cheap enough to cover the cost of a rental truck and still be a great deal. The trade off is time. Searching through ads and making calls can be taxing but the payoff can be amazing. In order to save even more of your hard earned dollars, you can find super cheap or free furniture from family or neighbors and do the work to make the old, new again. This is what the weekend project is all about.

My wife and I were putting a bedroom together and came across a FREE, hand-me-down headboard, dresser, mirror and nightstand. They were decades old and they looked it. Water damage from being outside and 1970 all over. The pieces were still solid and functional so we decided we could freshen them up with a little paint and new hardware.

Saturday came and like a lot of Saturdays we were out shopping garage sales and found a bookshelf for $20. It could have easily gone well with the bedroom set if not for the large, ornate molding at the top. We bought it and brought it home. Later I knocked off the offensive decoration and replaced it with a simple baseboard molding I had bought at the home center. A little filler and some sanding and you’d never know it wasn’t born that way. Another Saturday and another yard sale, we found a desk for $10 and it became the final piece in the room. Everything was a different color and their condition was questionable but their styles were similar enough to do what came next.

We removed the old hardware, gave everything a quick sanding, then primer and painted it all a satin black. I shot the paint with my automotive sprayer by thinning the paint with water but we could have easily brushed it on. Once everything dried we put on new brushed nickel hardware and took it up to the room. We then added a 1 year old pillow top mattress and box spring from a classified ad, covered it with a gently used comforter from a family member, a lamp from the thrift store, coat hooks for the back of the door, dry erase board and and pictures for the wall.

Start to finish we invested about $450. About $90 in crazy expensive hardware because we loved it so much, $250 on the mattress set, and the rest in the small details like sheets and pillows. The result was an inexpensive yet cohesive bedroom for a budding teenager and any damage incurred could be easily touched up.

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