Fixing SYMMONS Shut Off Valve Leak

In the course of doing repairs, it seems once you start working on one thing, another thing can go wrong.

Silly me turning the water off to the washing machine while I was painting.  What was I thinking?

When I purchased the house, the shut off valve was one that I personally hadn’t used.  It was made by a company called SYMMONS, and the water pressure that came out of it was impressive.  However, after more than 25 years, it seems the shut off part of it started to corrode and leak.  It seemed easy enough to repair since the part with a problem could screw right out of the pieces attached to the pipes, but NO…this is my world, and it CAN’T be that easy.



The corrosive offender.  In the midst of my laundry room makeover, it decided to start leaking from the center.  This is a shut of valve to both hot and cold water for the washing machine.

I went to Home Depot after discovering the supposed replacement piece for my connection is SYMMONS W-400.  I bought the whole shabang including the parts I thought I wouldn’t have to use to replace old parts, and came home, shut the water off, and unscrewed the old shut off and screwed in the new one….

That’s when I took a quick, unexpected shower.

That’s when my new paint job got soaked.

I didn’t have time to do an entire repair and just replaced the new part with the old part.  I turned the water on to wash laundry with a towel under the shut off to catch the drips.  I turned the water off when not in use to avoid the drip from the center of the shut off.

Today, I decided I’d just replace the whole thing.  Using a torch, I heated up the pipe, removed the old pieces, cleaned them off, and soldered on the new pieces.  I then screwed in the front piece. works….


The corrosive pieces that were appearing as though they would give out on me at any moment. 

Now, I suppose I could have done more things like gone for a repair of the screw in part, etc., but if you know how to solder and all the new pieces cost under $30.00, what’s it worth to you?  The other problem – the pieces that were connected to the pipes were corroding so badly that it was only a matter of time before I would have another problem.  Complete repair done, and I can now leave the water in the on position even if my laundry isn’t running.


The new shut off valve.  Yes, I hit the paint into the washer hose.  Then again, it’s about time those get replaced too.  That paint smear will be the reminder for me. 

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