Fast and Easy Holiday Tea Towels

LeAnn Bird from sent in this very cute tea towel idea. They involve simple sewing skills, and she tells you what you can do if you can’t make a button hole.  What a great idea for a last minute gift too! Thank you, LeAnn for these irresistible towels!

tea towels

From LeAnn – I am not a crafter but I could not resist this cute tea towel that hangs over the oven door handle. It is made from two dish towels of contrasting coordinating fabrics. I made about 6 in about 2 hours. A better seamstress could do it much faster. I spend more time unpicking than is necessary.  They even turn out cute if you can’t sew a straight line like me.  Here are the instructions.

10 Easy Steps
Holiday Tea Towel (2)
1: Cut the towel in 1/2 (this way you have to make 2)
2: Sew rick rack or other trim along the bottom edge
3: Sew a ruffle edge on the top of the cut side and gather to 4 inches
4:Remove the finished edges of the coordinating towel and cut it into a strip that is 4 1/2 inches wide by 16 inches long
5: Put the pretty sides together and sew down each side so you have a purse with an open end
6: Turn inside out and press with an iron.
7: Sew the coordinating piece onto the gathered piece.  This is the tricky part for me. You will want to have it sewn onto the back side so when it is finished it folds over itself and comes over the towel. See the finished one for an better example.
8: Top stitch around the edges of the tabbed piece finishing it onto the gathered piece.
9: Sew 1 inch velcro onto the inside of the tab.
10: Finish by hand sewing a coordinating button onto the top.
* If you can make a good buttonhole this can be done instead of the velcro. My machine is really, really old so button holes are hard so I used the velcro.Cute towels can be given as a gift or kept in your own kitchen to brighten the holidays.

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