Colette’s Response – Thanks for all the kind words!

Colette’s Response – Thanks for all the kind words!

Hello, Strangers!

Remember the story I wrote about Colette?  You can find the story here:

Colette is a 93 year old woman I met and befriended during eight hours of flight delays.  Both of us left the same airports.  Both of us had the same connecting flights.  Both of us were caught in a nightmarish trip all the way back to Seattle.  Except for one thing – we were able to enjoy the company of each other.

Since the article I wrote, friends of Colette and her family had reached out with kind words to say about her.  She simply has that effect on people – bringing out the goodness in all of them…or maybe she attracts some good people into her life.  Either way, I can’t imagine her not being surrounded by good people.

I received a video of Colette reading the story for the first time.  She read your messages, and her reaction will make you smile because HER smile has that effect.

As for the second trip to McDonald’s denial……the readers will have to decide.  😉

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One thought on “Colette’s Response – Thanks for all the kind words!

  1. Barry 'CB' Martin

    Donna – this illuminates the story we first heard you tell at breakfast, enjoyed a second time here on your web log and now to see the her in person is precious. Thanks.

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