Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab Cakes

Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab Cakes

I was raised in a family of crab lovers.  As a child, my grandmother introduced me to crabbing and enjoying steamed blue crabs.  She lived near Baltimore, Maryland at the time, and the competition was fierce for the best crab cakes.

When I became a teenager and lived in Virginia Beach, she would take us crabbing.  We had various crab traps and tied chicken onto the traps in order to catch crabs off the Lynnhaven Fishing Pier.  We spent hours there checking those traps.  I enjoyed that time at the ocean and those moments spent on the pier.  I’ll never forget the time I talked a boyfriend into going on a cloudy day and ended up sunburned so badly that the parts in my hair developed blisters, and I ended up becoming ill from it.  Those were good times!

This summer, while visiting family at the Outer Banks of North Carolina (AKA the OBX), my mother told me she had a desire for some blue crabs.  My sister and I went to a local farmer’s market and purchased a bushel of crabs.  It was overkill.  I had forgotten how many crabs were in a bushel.  That evening, we enjoyed a seafood dinner.  Afterward, we still had so many crabs left that the family gathered around the table to have a crab picking festival.

The next day, I looked at all the crab meat in the fridge, and thought how my grandmother was constantly on the quest for the perfect crab cake recipe.  I decided to try to find a good crab cake recipe while keeping my grandmother’s perspective in mind, “Mostly crab meat, and just a little bit of breadcrumbs.”  The key is to try not to shred up the crab meat too much.  While I was putting the crab cakes together, I realized I had enough to AT LEAST triple the batch.

I used Chef John’s recipe from Allrecipes linked here:  This recipe brought back so many great memories of those times with my family, growing up, and being near the ocean.  It was easy to make, and we enjoyed every bite.  I don’t know whether or not my grandmother ever found the perfect crab cake recipe, but I would say that Chef John would’ve made her happy.

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