Awesome Gingersnaps!

Shortly after my husband and I were first married, he bought a bag of gingersnaps and professed his love for them.  At that time, I never believed in buying a bag of cookies.  My thoughts were that I could make a batch of cookies for a lot less money, get more cookies, and know what was in them.

My love for baking cookies first started as a kid.  It’s where my fascination for cooking started – with the almighty cookie.  My mother bought a cookie book for me when I was a child.  The book had different types of cookies outside of one of my favorites – chocolate chip!  A second favorite cookie was an oatmeal cookie. I loved the dough so much that I would eat it straight.  I never added the raisins, but chocolate chips were always game. I’m not quite sure how many cookies actually made it into the oven.

So, I watched my husband with this bag of pathetic cookies…hard, teeth breaking, overpriced, hockey puck style, do not deserve to be called baked goods…cookies…and before I could stop myself, I said, “I can make gingersnaps.”

“You can?”  he looked stunned. It reminded me of a time where a guy told me he bought pancake mix to make pancakes and was surprised when I told him that he didn’t need to buy a mix to make pancakes. I know, I know, but keep in mind that my husband was a bachelor for a very long time. Sometimes, you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do – even if that means getting by with a bag of cookies or canned ravioli.

After my husband left for work, I opened up one of my most tried and true cookbooks.  I searched for the gingersnap recipe, and, by the time he came home, he was stunned to see the gingersnaps ready for him.  Oh, and, big surprise…they tasted better than the bag.

Today, I was thinking it had been a long, long time since I had made gingersnaps.  My youngest wanted to watch a movie, so I looked up a Gingersnap recipe and found this one on the Taste of Home website:  Cookie Jar Gingersnaps

I won’t insult your baking intelligence by showing you pictures of me creaming shortening and sugar together.  Although, when it comes to cooking intelligence, I’m sure you would’ve loved to see a video of flour going up in smoke when I pushed the wrong setting on my mixer.  Why is it that dogs will lick all kinds of things, yet, the flour that hits the floor isn’t their thing?  Maybe it’s my dog in particular.  She’s the biggest carb thief around, but flour on the floor can stay there as far as she’s concerned.

I deviated from two things in this recipe:  the amount to roll in a ball, and I used parchment paper instead of greasing a pan.  Really, a teaspoon sized cookie won’t be very big.  I used more of a tablespoon size, rolled it into sugar, and put twelve to a cookie sheet on parchment paper.  I kept rolling the balls for the cookies up while the others were baking.  I baked them for 12 minutes.  One of my kids said it’s her new favorite cookie.

gingersnapsSince the holidays are arriving soon, these would be great to bake for some of those gingersnap crusts for pumpkin pie or cheesecake or, maybe, a Deluxe Pumpkin Cheesecake.  Imagine how much a homemade gingersnap would make that recipe soar!  These gingersnaps are perfect for a crust.

We couldn’t wait for these to sit around too long.  They disappeared quickly while they were still warm.  Thankfully, I made a double batch.  After a good combination with a glass of milk, I think my daughter needs a ginger nap.


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  1. I LOVE gingersnaps! Those look wonderful!

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