A GIVEAWAY! From eatKeenwa! Amazing tasting Quinoa and GLUTEN FREE!

A GIVEAWAY!  From eatKeenwa!  Amazing tasting Quinoa and GLUTEN FREE!

I’m so excited about another product I was introduced to recently!  I was sent some samples, and…geez, this company is really going to change my mind on so many levels about eating healthier.  First off, I downed one of their bags so quickly, it was embarrassing.  I had to request a picture because nothing was left of the samples!  I could truly become a serious addict of their Cinnamon Banana Strawberry Quinoa Krunch.  WOW!!!  It’s amazing stuff.  I can’t say enough good things about it.

Eat Keenwa Krunch
What is eatKeenwa Krunch?  It’s crunchy, cluster style granola trail mix that’s GLUTEN FREE made with Quinoa.  But, you best go to the website to read about it:  http://eatkeenwa.com/pages/the-lowdown  Who better to give you the full scoop than the people who made it themselves?

From my perspective, it was absolutely delicious, and I can’t decide whether I’d eat it for breakfast or just haul it along with me.  I honestly could eat this stuff all day.  I think they need to sell feed bags that we could latch onto our heads so we can munch while working.

And, check it out – their products were recently featured as a Healthy Halloween Snack!

How great would this be at birthday and slumber parties?

The good people of eatKeenwa (and, THANK YOU for spelling it like it sounds because I always messed it up the other way) have made a great giveaway offer.  They are offering to do a giveaway for THREE people.  Each person will receive a triple pack of eatKeenwa Krunch that contains the three flavors!

Each entry will be put into a computer generated drawing. The deadline to enter is Monday, October 21 at midnight. The winner will be announced on Tuesday, October 22. The time of announcement will depend on how many entries are received.  I wish every single person could try a little pouch of this.  If you see it in your stores, give it a try!  If not, never fear!  You can order from their website.

For the giveaway:

You will receive one entry for each task completed.  You do not need to complete ALL tasks, but each item will give you one entry:

Follow on Facebook:


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Follow on Pinterest and REPIN the picture above:


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The picture to repin can be found at:  http://www.pinterest.com/hvalleyhandymom/eat-keenwa/

Now, we have something special here because I think eatKeenwa might agree that the Beatles had it right when they said, “All we need is love…”  So, with that, eatKeenwa is willing to give you three extra entries EACH TIME you share love for them by sharing this giveaway.  That means, if you share it on twitter and on facebook, you will get three extra entries PER DAY.  Only share this once per day because we wouldn’t want your friends to think you’re obnoxious, but come back here every time you share the giveaway, and tell us!

And, as a result of your good will to share, if one of your friends stops by, and says that you sent them, you will BOTH get THREE more entries.  See how great it is to share the love? Giving is living.

But, it doesn’t have to stop there!  Send eatKeenwa a message on one of your social networks, and let them know why you want to win this giveaway for ANOTHER entry!  If you already tried their product, let them know how much you loved it for TWO extra entries!

List all the ways you entered down below so we can count things up for you.  This is REQUIRED in order for you to be entered at all!  Writing a sentence as to why you would like to receive the giveaway will also get you an entry.

Geez, all these ways to get entries just wore me out, but I love when something tastes great, and people get to try it!

Participation means you agree and accept the following rules:

  • Must be age 18 and over and is limited to U.S. residents only with the exception of Alaska and Hawaii.  PO Boxes will not be accepted.
  • Starting date is 10/17/2013 and ending date is midnight EST,  10/21/2013
  • Entry procedures are stated above
  • Prize descriptions- three winners chosen to receive a triple pack of assorted flavors of eatKeenwa Krunch.
  • The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning.
  • Immediate family members of the hudsonvalleyhandymom.com are not eligible.
  • Disputes will be handled via hudsonvalleyhandymom@gmail.com.
  • Three winners will be selected on Tuesday, 10/22/2013 and announced that day EST.
  • eatKeenwa products and hudsonvalleyhandymom.com are released from all liability from any complications arising from product delivery.
  • eatKeenwa reserves the right to obtain winners’ names, as well as the right to publicize their names and likenesses.
  • If potential prize winner forfeits, does not claim the prize, or misrepresented entries, prize will be re-awarded, according to sponsor’s discretion.
  • Sponsor:



Disclaimer:  hudsonvalleyhandymom.com is not a nutritionist, dietician, attorney, nor does she play any of these people on television.  Opinions expressed in this blog are only opinions, and it’s up to the consumer to make decisions regarding his/her own health.  eatKeenwa is supplying the product to be given away.  I am not receiving compensation from eatKeenwa for this giveaway.  I was given samples to try.

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  7. Hmmm, maybe this would be better to eat by the handful at night in front of the tv than a bag of salty chips! I’d love to try it. I follow you on FB and Twitter 🙂

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